Our Sister Concerns


Peevees group of companies entered into the business in 1994, and Neriah Industria is one among the key business and registered as a partnership firm. The two partners Mr.JOHNY VARUGHESE and Mr.GOJI VERGHESE, two great visionaries, are totally committed for the growth and development of the entire business. Their innovative ideas, long time strategic planning, systematic efforts, upholding high business ethics, and great values brought tremendous success and great reputation in the business field.

The innovative idea of manufacturing and supply of polypropylene mats and carpets, elevated and exhilarated the status of the company as the pioneers in the manufacture of its kind in the state of Kerala, India, We are honored and privileged to be the only company who import polypropylene yarn and produce carpet for rubber back mats.

Right from procuring the raw materials to the finished products, the entire process is being done within the company and closely monitored to maintain high standards and unmatched quality. We use modern high technology and all machinery using in the process of production is being imported from Europe and US.

Through direct and deemed exports our presence is visible around the globe and our products are well accepted with international standards worldwide. We have established a strong domestic market of all our products in the name of “ApexTapete”


Azarel Rub Tech is the premier producers of high quality industrial mats. Many industrial concerns, business houses and public amenity spaces need specialized mats of high durability and strength. The unit specializes in manufacture of such mats.


MBM Industria is a concern engaged in processing mats with different sizes mostly caters to the production of In door and Out door mats of small to moderate sizes.


Eden Associates is involved in the production of raw materials needed for our other units by manufacturing reclaimed rubber powder. We ensure several quality standards while collecting rubber products for the manufacture of reclaimed rubber powder, which saves environment from waste and pollution. We always make sure to be environmental –friendly in all areas of production.


MBM CHEMILABS is another organization engaged in the manufacture of gasket shellac and solvent cement which is mainly used for PVC adhesive. These products in Indian market are known as SANIFIX AND PIFIX, which an international quality is and if necessary can be exported.